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    As a former small business owner, I know first-hand how important a growing and thriving economy is. While it is not the role of government to employ every citizen, it is the responsibility of government to foster an environment that encourages growth and job creation in the private sector so that every Colorado citizen is able to work and support their families. Our economy flourishes when government gets out of the way and allows the entrepreneurial spirit of our citizens to grow and flourish.
    Perhaps our greatest responsibility is to ensure that each and every child has access to a quality education regardless of geography, race or socioeconomic status. I sponsored legislation to provide meaningful alternatives for some of Colorado’s most vulnerable kids and will continue fighting to bring more accountability to our public school systems as well as offer alternatives to kids who are stuck in failing schools.
    Our health care decisions are personal and should remain between an individual and his or her doctor. Government involvement is both intrusive and costly. However, not everyone can afford health insurance. I sponsored and passed legislation providing a low-cost health insurance option for Colorado’s uninsured and provided a means for seniors to receive assistance when their long term care policy is expended. I continue to support health and wellness legislation that can lower insurance premiums and provide for a better quality of life.
    We live in a modern age of technology, one that brings both benefit and a new set of challenges for our children. Chat rooms, texting and instant messaging are convenient forms of communication, but in the wrong hands become a risk. Over the past three years, I have worked to bring Colorado law up to date with technology by sponsoring and passing legislation to keep children safer as they surf the Internet.
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