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It has been an honor to serve as your State Representative in Denver. During my years in office, I have worked to ensure that Colorado remains a great state for families, for businesses and for recreation.

I hope you’ll use this website as a resource to gain a better understanding of the work of Colorado’s General Assembly. The legislative session began Wednesday, Jan. 13, and will continue through the middle of May. We will face some tough issues these next several months, so I hope you’ll check back often.

I look forward to hearing from you regarding any questions or concerns you may have, and please sign up to receive my newsletter.


One of the things I enjoy most about my responsibilities as a state representative is learning your views and concerns. Every day I receive numerous letters, phone calls and emails. The message I keep hearing: Stop excessive spending!

During my years of legislative service, I have worked hard to rein in government spending, to prioritize essential services, and to find ways to provide services more efficiently. In recognition, the Colorado Union of Taxpayers (CUT) honored me with the designation Taxpayer Guardian. I affirm my dedication to continued fiscal responsibility.

I appreciate hearing from you on legislative matters of interest. Please keep those calls and emails coming! And please consider signing up for my newsletters and announcements -- send an email to me at

Spencer Swalm
State Representative HD 37


Severe weather on the day of the February town hall compelled me to re-scheduled, but by then a library room was available only on Valentine’s Day evening at Castlewood Library. Despite that inconvenient date, an amazingly large number of people participated. The evening’s topic – improving Colorado education at reasonable cost – naturally had wide interest. You can find information about legislation I have proposed in the Sponsored Legislation section of this website. Read More...

My next town hall is scheduled for 7:00 PM on Monday, March 28th, at Koelbel Library on the southwest corner of Orchard Road and Holly Street. State Representative Joe Miklosi, who represents HD9 (southeast corner of Denver, including the Tech Center), will join us. We will discuss current legislation, and I welcome your questions on topics that concern you.

Then, for the two remaining months of this legislative session, we will gather for the following town hall meetings, again at Koelbel Library:
  • Saturday, April 23rd (Shakespeare’s birthday), starting at 9:30 AM
  • Monday, May 23rd, starting at 7:00 PM
I value your opinions and hope that you will join us for these meetings. If you would like to receive town hall announcement and my newsletter, please send an email to me at Hide Content...


An especially important bill that I have sponsored this year is HB1048, which would create a tax credit for parents whose children attend private or parochial school or who home-school their children. Read More...

According to the Legislative Council, this tax credit would save Colorado millions of taxpayers’ dollars. Moreover, the tax credit would increase parental choice and thus, through competition, promote excellence in our public schools.

The tax credit allows these parents to recoup a portion of their actual cost. Like all residents, these parents pay property taxes, a large percentage of which support the local public school district. But they pay twice – property tax plus the cost of non-public schooling. This tax credit would partially relieve this inequity. After all, their children are not using public-school resources: classrooms, teachers, materials, busing, lunch programs and the like.

Education choices are crucial to expanding Colorado’s economy and garnering more jobs. The tax credit encourages public schools to perform as well as parents’ perception of private/parochial schools and home-schooling. Level-field competition bolsters excellence.

Other legislation that I have sponsored in the House and Senate this session includes: - HB1059 restricts the fees charged by local governments for costs incurred while responding to motor vehicle accidents. This measure passed the House and has been sent to the Senate. - HB1101 exempts federally-qualified community health-care clinics from state licensing requirements. This bill also passed in the House and has been sent to the Senate. - HB1240, which would reduce the cost to consumers for public utilities’ measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, has been indefinitely postponed in committee. - SB048, indefinitely postponed in committee, would have clarified the provider-fee exemption for psychological-care hospitals. - SB101, which continues the fixed tuition and fee rate program without a future sunset review date, has been passed in both the House and the Senate and awaits the governor’s signature.

I encourage you to contact me with your views on these bills and your other concerns. For more information about legislation under consideration, please check the Colorado General Assembly website: Hide Content...

Along the Trail

As I’m out talking to neighbors in Centennial, there’s one thing I’m hearing loud and clear: it’s all about jobs and the economy and reigning in government spending.

As your state representative, I have taken your message to the state capitol: STOP SPENDING! I consistently oppose tax increases, and I've worked diligently to find ways to make the necessary budget cuts to keep our state budget balanced.

I look forward to talking with more of you in the coming weeks and hearing your thoughts.

From my desk
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